Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our love is rock steady

Chris and I are on the road home after a very relaxing and enjoyable 10-year anniversary trip. We ate (too much), slept (made up for recent nights up with kids), and skied (oh how I love thee...). We were rather nervous as we donned the skies and mounted the lift. But we survived and realized it's just like riding a bike- a bike you haven't ridden in 10 years. You get really sore and can't do it for very long. But we had a blast.

I am inspired to ponder the way a relationship can develop over time. You hear about the couples who love each other more and more over the years, but you also see some of the opposite going on. I see my own marriage developing from what was once a naive but trusting love when we got married. Now our love is founded more on experience and really coming to know and love one another. Like once this trip we actually said the exact same thing at the same time. Woah! And we consider each other's feelings more carefully. And when we don't, we have gotten better (not perfect, but better) at fixing things.

And then there's the kids! They sure offer the fast track for character development. With endless opportunities for building patience and learning charity, I can pinpoint our parenthood as the core of our growth as individuals and a couple. I love them so much! Everywhere we went on this trip I thought of them and how they would have loved the adventures of skiing and hotel-staying. But then we saw a kid melting down on the slopes and I thought instead--shall I soak in the hot tub tonight or read a book? Or both?

I have to do a little "ode to my mother." She sure got to know the kids well while we've been gone (and that's based solely on the bits of info she's willingly shared-I'm sure I'll hear more soon). I never worried about the kids being well taken care of! Only about my mother getting run ragged! Thank you Mama, for the valentine making, chauffeuring, cooking, cleaning, and comforting.

One fun thing we did on the trip while driving was answer some of these questions:
It opened up the conversation and led to some interesting revelations (like how else would I have found out that if Chris were an animal, he'd be a white tiger). We also did the love language quiz. That was fun. And I only had to twist his arm a little bit- he was a good sport and I think we both learned something about each other. Take it here:

And hey Courtney and Greg- thanks for hanging out with us the last night when we really had run out of topics to discuss...we feel like we got to know you both better. Courtney got a little too comfortable. But we love you guys and will keep our eyes peeled for homes for you in the Inland Empire. After all, Dex seems more like a warm weather animal.

BTW- the post title is a throwback to our first date- a No Doubt concert and dinner at Applebee's. And yes- our love is so rock steady. Thanks, Gwen, for putting it to music.


Sharlet said...

Hi Amber,
Just doing a little peek in to say hello. I'm glad you are all doing well. Thank you for your example and friendship so many years ago. We still love you guys and hope to see you again sometime soon.
Much love,

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where is the purple dinosaur witch